Operation Death Meth Peddlers- 47 Arrested In Undercover Meth Sting

Polk County Florida had a meth problem that not everyone was aware of. An undercover operation set out to uncover a series of people who were related to an underground meth distribution ring. This lead to 47 people being arrested and the streets becoming a little bit safer.

Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous recreational drugs out there. It is a stimulant that often can cause addiction from the first use. Many people make it illegally and dangerously in their homes and distribute it. As a stimulant drug, it can cause people to have a quick and intense high and keep them awake. Over time it can also do severe damage to the users physical and mental health. It is not a drug safe to take in any dosage.

Meth was being smuggled into California from Mexico, and then the meth was delivered to various specific counties and states, one of them being Polk County Florida. Of the 47 people charged nine of them were in the country illegally, meaning they were not supposed to be here and had no documentation.

55 pounds of meth along with guns and large sums of money were discovered during this operation. People who smuggle and sell meth clearly don’t care about the lives of others or the damage they can do. Instead, they are trying to make money and harm communities, the bottom line being the most important thing.

Meth is known to be the most dangerous drug in the world because it can be cheap and so addictive. One of the long term effects of meth is very intense cravings for the drug.  People who go through withdrawal when they don’t have access to the drug can be violent and scary and do anything possible to get their hands on the drug.

People who traffic the drug clearly don’t care about any of this and how it can tear apart families and communities and even kill people.

After everything was said and done the 47 offenders were ultimately charged with a whopping 85 felonies and 50 misdemeanors.

The whole operation was a long and challenging process, but authorities managed to pull through and help protect their community from the violence and bloodshed. That’s quite a bit of meth that is now off the streets and away from people who could use it.

They call it “Operation Death Meth Peddlers” which does have a nice ring to it. Having dedicated officers and detectives on the case made the whole operation successful.

Often drug crime is downplayed, politicians claiming that non-violent drug offenses are not so bad. The problem is that many of the people who have those on their rap sheet tend to have a lot of them and they add up over time.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have violent experiences that they were not caught for. Anyone selling or distributing drugs in a community that can kill people has a violent intent, no question about it.


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