Three Kids Stayed In The House Full Of Drugs

It is sadly common to find that children are involved when parents use drugs. This is despicable and should not be true. Kids often find themselves in unsafe environments where drug use is rampant. Unsafe living situations like this are not okay.

A couple was arrested on multiple drug charges and child neglect charges. This is because three children were found in their home among various drug paraphernalia. A search warrant had been issued. This search warrant revealed syringes, cocaine, marijuana, and other drug-related objects around the home. This was all in easy access to the children.

Who would do drugs around children let alone leave their tools lying within reach?

Children Present

The three children were present in the home, with an infant in the master bedroom. The master bedroom was where most of these items were discovered. The infant was just shy of three months old.

It is insane to think that it isn’t even abnormal to be doing drugs with a three-month-old around.

The police found a wood box on their coffee table with marijuana enclosed inside along with glass smoking tools, such as pipes. This was out in the open and accessible by children. Both empty and loaded syringes were found, some tucked underneath a child’s toilet seat.

They also found Klonopin, which is one of the prescription drugs for anxiety, a cocaine spoon, cocaine, and a grinder for marijuana. All of this easily accessible to children.


The father of the children openly admitted to suffering from drug addiction. He laid claim on all the items found within the home. He lived within 1,000 feet of a park, which being in possession of cocaine near is a third-degree felony. His bail was set at $19,000 while his girlfriend was set to $2,500.

Because so many drugs were found, they’re being charged with intent to sell. They’re also being charged with child abuse because the children could have reached the drugs.

Effects On The Children

The price of addiction is high, not only on the adults that it affects but their children. Addiction takes its toll on everyone, not even sparing the children. A lot of children with drug addict parents suffer neglect and child abuse.

As stated by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, child abuse is described as: “Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caregiver, which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.”

When a parent is drunk or high, this leads to them potentially scarring a child physically or mentally.

● Violence – being drunk or high can cause a parent to hit or otherwise hurt their child physically

● Verbal Abuse – being drunk or high can cause a parent to spout verbal abuse at a child and insult them or bring them down

● Abandonment – a parent could leave in search of drugs or to a party, leaving them home alone

● Sexual Abuse – alcohol or drugs could cause a parent to sexually assault their child, or allow a predator into their home without them realizing.

● Neglect – being drunk or high can cause a parent to be unable to attend to their child’s immediate needs

● Forcing them to be complicit- having illegal drugs around means the child might feel compelled to help hide evidence of this, thus making them complicit in a crime

Children who grow up surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse are more likely to fall into that cycle themselves. That is a crime all in itself.