18 year old male lost control of his vehicle being drunk

A teenager that had been driving under the influence of alcohol claimed the life of two of her fellow high school students on the evening of the 14th of December. They have been sentenced to serve 18 months in jail as a result of the car crash and deaths that are directly related to the incident. Dozens of friends, family members, and students attended the court hearing.

The driver, an 18 year old male, lost control of his vehicle when he drunkenly decided to drive his car at speeds upwards of 118 miles per hour that evening. The area where he was driving his car at 118 miles per hour only had a speed limit of 35 miles per hour.

The driver and his fellow students that were in the vehicle had just left a party that one of their friends was having less than a mile away from the scene of the accident. When the driver lost control of his vehicle, he hit a tree and a light pole.

One of the students, a 15 year old male, was ejected from the vehicle on impact and later died from his injuries in the hospital. Another one of the victims, a 17 year old male, was hospitalized and in a coma for months before he passed away.

The driver of the vehicle plead guilty to Vehicular manslaughter in the deaths of his two fellow high school students. The driver also plead guilty to a charge of inducing a life-threatening injury while driving under the influence of alcohol. Prosecutors claim that the driver of the vehicle was extremely intoxicated and had a blood alcohol content of 0.11. The BAC test occurred a few hours after the crash, and this was his blood alcohol content hours after the crash occurred.