24 year old woman was arrested after she attempts to trade her child for a payment to a dealer

In the state of Alabama, a 24 year old woman was arrested after she made an attempt to trade her child for a payment to a drug dealer. The woman reportedly approached her drug dealer without any money. The woman then offered her son as collateral, saying that the drug dealer could have her son if he fronted her the drugs. The woman claimed that she would return with the money on the first of the month when her welfare check arrived.

Witnesses overhead the conversation and reported that the child had been screaming as though he was in pain. Witnesses later saw that the toddler had been tattooed across his chest. The woman and her boyfriend did the tattooing on the toddler when they were high on drugs.

The drug dealer took the boy in, applied ice packs to the child’s chest and called the police to report the child abuse.

5 Tragic Cases of Drug-Fueled Child Abuse

Drugs and Child Abuse

A police officer likely saved the life of a child after pulling over a vehicle that had been swerving on the road. In the front seat of the car, two adults that were very obviously under the influence of drugs were found. One of the adults was the child’s mother. The driver of the car was unable to keep his eyes open.

It was discovered that the two drivers had been in the middle of a heroin overdose. The police officer then noticed the four year old child in the back seat of the vehicle. An ambulance was called, and the two adults in the front seat were given Narcan.

After being revived from their heroin overdose, the adults were faced with criminal charges. The four year old child was placed with child protective services.

5 Tragic Cases of Drug-Fueled Child Abuse

Drugs and Child Abuse

Police officers received a call from a concerned neighbor about a child that was running around naked outside in the street. The police arrived on the scene and picked up the three year old child that had been running around.

They then began to search for the child’s parents. Shortly after the police arrived on the scene, a babysitter that was under the influence of drugs emerged from the home claiming that the child she was watching was missing.

When the police entered the home, they could smell marijuana and see marijuana smoking paraphernalia. When the police continued to search the home, they found that the child’s parents had been growing marijuana inside of the house.

The police officers also found a stolen firearm inside of the home that was laying around where the child easily could have accessed the weapon and caused serious accidental harm to himself or other people.

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