A Man Under Influence of Meth Crashed into the Wall of the Testaurant in CA

A 26 year old man in Sacramento, California lead the police on a chase early this morning. The man was reportedly under the influence of Methamphetamine. The Police were made aware of a man driving recklessly by reports from other drivers on the road at around 3AM.

When the police attempted to pull the man over, he lead them on a pursuit that lasted nearly 45 minutes.  The police pursuit ended when the man flew over a curb and crashed into the wall of a local restaurant.

No pedestrians were injured in the accident, but the driver suffered from serious injuries and is currently in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The exterior wall of the restaurant is in need of repair. Nobody was inside of the restaurant at the time, and the restaurant being closed at the time of the crash likely saved people from serious injuries.

When the police officers apprehended the driver, they found paraphernalia with methamphetamine residue in the glovebox of the vehicle. In addition to the paraphernalia, the police officers also found half a gram of methamphetamine in the pocket of the drivers pants.

The driver will face multiple charges including speeding, reckless driving, and felony possession of a schedule one substance. The police officers declined to comment when asked about the case.

Source: https://6abc.com/traffic/police-driver-who-crashed-into-wall-was-on-drugs/4885834/