Domestic Violence Episode Leads to Arrest in West Virginia

What started out as a domestic Violence incident lead to a Drug arrested in West Virginia. The police department report that the incident occurred at around 10PM on December 26th 2017. An officer was sent to an apartment complex to break up a dispute where a male had pulled a gun out on a female family member.

While the officer was in route to the apartment, the officer was made aware that the gunman was to another apartment in the complex and was walking outside.

The police officer found the gunmen on his way to another apartment complex. The suspect was wearing a batman t-shirt and pajama pants. The officer apprehended the victim and found that the suspect had a pipe that has been used to smoke crack cocaine in his pocket.

After the suspect was apprehended, the other officers on the scene went to talk to the family members and witnesses of the dispute. The victim claimed that the suspect had gotten into an argument with her that started out with him pushing her and escalated to him pulling a silver handgun out and holding her at gunpoint.

The victim gave the police officers permission to search her apartment due to the fact that the suspect had been staying with her.

In the apartment they found a backback that contained digital scales, the handgun and a box of ammunition. Inside of the backpack they also found a stolen drivers license, a stolen concealed carry permit, and two bank cards that had been stolen from another person.