Los Angeles county sheriff’s deputy was sentenced to 17 years in prison for drug trafficing

The former Los Angeles county sheriff’s deputy was sentenced to 17 years in prison on Monday due to the role that he played in an ongoing drug trafficking scheme. The sheriff’s deputy received cash to monitor the operation and make sure that drugs could continue to be trafficked into the country.

The sheriff’s deputy was arrested when on January 16th, when the FBI conducted an undercover investigation posing as members of the trafficking team there to provide a “security” escort while they transported close to 45 pounds of cocaine into Las Vegas.

Collins, the former sheriff’s deputy, was apparently asking for as much as $250,000 dollars in exchange for his assistance in transporting the narcotics across state lines. When “justifying” his fees to the undercover FBI agents he claimed that his fees were so high because he was a cop and his narcotics transports always made it to where they were supposed to without issue.

The investigation into Collins started when it was suspected that he was providing illegal security services to unlicensed and illegal Marijuana grow houses in Los Angeles county. The investigation into Collins being involved with illegal marijuana grow operations began when an FBI member posed as a wealthy investor that needed somebody with Collins background to operate security.

This separate investigation had been ongoing for a year before the most recent investigation started. This Marijuana grow house security operate is what ended up leading the FBI to the more serious activity that Collins was involved in.

The former Sheriff’s deputy plead guilty in exchange for a sentence not exceeding more than 20 years. Prior to his arrest, the officer taught life skills classes to prison inmates and people out on parole in order to keep them from reoffending

. Collins fellow police officers were shocked when they were made aware of what had been going on. When this investigation first started, Collins had been cooperating, and his coworkers had assumed that he would be back at work once the accusations proved to be false.

Former L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy gets 17-year sentence for his drug trafficking conviction