A Child Neglect Case Was Opened Because Of Alcoholic Mother

Alcohol is believed to have played a key role in a child neglect case that has recently been investigated in the state of Kentucky.

The child neglect case started back in the year of 2004; when caseworkers entered the home, they found empty pill bottles, needles, and beer cans littering the floor.

The mother of the child had tested positive for drugs on numerous occasions when tested by the caseworker. On multiple occasions, the occupants of the home were found to be drunk.

This year, the case was reopened after the nine year old son of her fell off of the porch and fractured his skull.

It is believed that the young nine year old boy had laid in his bed for close to 4 days with a fractured, bleeding skull without proper medical treatment because the mother was too drunk to notice the severity of the injury, or so she claims.

The mother of the child disappeared for four days to continue to indulge her alcohol and drug binge while her son lay in bed with a serious head injury. She left her son with her boyfriend, who also had a serious drug abuse and drinking problem and did not do anything to get the boy the treatment that he needed to survive his head injury.

The boy ended up dying in the home from the severity of the fracture that he received on his skull from falling off of the porch.

However, it is believed that the boy had experienced prolonged abuse and neglect due to other evidence of physical trauma such as bite marks and bruises found all over the boy’s body.

It is estimated that over half of all child abuse and neglect cases in the state of Kentucky are perpetuated by drug and alcohol abuse.