22 year old woman charges in the deaths of a five year old girl and her grandmother

A 22 year old woman is facing vehicular homicide charges in the deaths of a five year old girl and her grandmother. In Baltimore, the city police arrested the 22 year old woman after she struck and killed a woman and her five year old grand child while they were outside taking a walk early in the morning.

This wasn’t the first incident where the 22 year old had been caught drinking and driving. The driver of the car was on probation after being arrested previously for being drunk while driving back in the year of 2017. Prosecutors issued a warrant for her arrest after it was determined that she had violated her probation.

The woman lost control of her vehicle while traveling south on a small road when she lost control of her vehicle. When she lost control of the car, she went up on to the sidewalk which is where she struck and killed the woman and her granddaughter, who was being pushed in a stroller by the grandmother at the time of her death. The woman is currently being held without bail and is facing numerous other charges such as two counts of vehicular homicide while impaired by alcohol.

Source: https://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/woman-charged-with-dui-murder-after-hitting-woman-and-her-granddaughter-in-baltimore-co

Another Story

A defendant that has been charged with four counts of homicide is claiming that alcohol is to blame for the deaths of the individuals. The defendant woke up face down in the home of a stranger, in somebodies bed surrounded by and covered in blood.

After waking up concerned about being covered in blood and not knowing where he was he got up and went into the hallway. After entering the hallway the defendant found the bodies of two dead children laying there. After finding the two children he continued through the home and then also found the bodies of two adults, the parents of the two children.

He claims that he has no recollection of how he ended up in the home, and doesn’t remember the events leading up to the deaths of the individuals found inside of the house. It is believed that based on the blood alcohol content of the defendant at the time of his arrest that he likely consumed upwards of an entire liter of vodka the evening before. In a panic, the defendant decided that he should set fire to the home to get rid of any evidence. He now faces the death penalty.

Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/defendant-in-kirkland-murders-had-alcohol-blackout-doctor-testifies/